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Serving Clarksville and Central Tennessee since 2006
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       What is a Home Inspection....?

A home inspection is an unbiased and non-invasive visual examination of the physical condition of a property.  It includes a thorough examination of the entire home from top to bottom. 

Whether the client is a seller or buyer of the home, the inspection helps reduce the risks and stresses associated with buying a home. 

A visual and operational inspection will identify

areas that need to be addressed. 

Even if there are no problems noted, it is well worth the assurance that the home is in good and operational condition.

           Why...Blair Home Inspections

  •  Professionally Trained and Certified

  •  Prompt and Dependable Service

  •  Detailed.... easy to read Reports with pictures

  •  Inspections exceed industry accepted Standards

  •  Issues and Concerns are discussed with the client

  •  Clients are welcome at the inspection

  •  Veteran owned and operated

  •  15+ years experience

  •  5000+ Inspections

  •  Radon Testing Available

I know more than I say ....
Think more than I speak ....
Notice more than you realize ....

I am a Home Inspector

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